26 February 2014

3D doodles

Been doodling a lot in Sculpey these days. Here are a few head sculpts I've done. The first is Bel, which I did over Winter Break. The next two are just quick ones I whipped up to make myself feel like I was working in the last few weeks.


11 November 2013

Belbadear &Yorrick Production Blog

Here's the link to my new production blog for Bel & Yorrick:


I'll still be adding sketches here, and I'll try to be better about actually putting stuff on this blog. I'm starting more diary comics, so those will be up, too.


22 October 2013

I'm really bad at posting here.

UUUUUUUGH I'M SO BAD AT BLOGS. And making comics. My formatting has changed a bit, and after the sheer ridiculousness of my summer, I fell out of it hardcore. I'll be starting a Tumblr page for a production blog on a large project of mine soon, but this will still be used for sketches and junk like that.

18 August 2013

Hardly an update

Hmmmmm I think this is a better background.

I need to paint in Photoshop again, ugh.